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A Beginner's Guide to SEOs

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A Beginner's Guide to SEOs

Whether you already have an online presence or if you are looking into creating one, you may have already heard the term SEOs thrown around, but what exactly are SEOs, and why are they so important to your online presence? In this article, we are going to go over what SEOs are, why they are crucial for you, and how they can help you increase the traffic to your site or blog.

The term SEO stands for search engine optimisation. However, to be able to understand what SEO is, we must first understand how search engines work. Search engines (with the most popular ones being Google, Bing, and Yahoo) show pages of results when the user searches specific terms in the search bar. Search engines work by discovering and indexing all the content on webpages, then when a user inputs a query, the search engine ranks how well those pages relate to that query and provides them as search results. Based on the words that the user inputs into the search engine the results will vary and will, in many cases, pull up page upon page of results. This is where it becomes very important the results that are presented on the first page. Think about it: when was the last time that when searching for something, you went past the first page of results. Almost never, right? This is why it is vital that your page comes up on the first page of results.


There are two ways to get on the first page of results: either through paid ads or using SEOs. Paid advertising does what it says on the tin. The company or entity pays the search engine so that their webpage always comes up on the first page for certain queries. However, due to it being a paid advertisement, sometimes it is not what the user is actually looking for and might only coincide with just one or two words from the original search term. SEOs on the other hand are a more organic and both time and cost-effective way of making sure that the right customers find you.

There are two types of SEOs: on and off-page. An on-page SEO is something that is on your page that you can control - such as the content - that would result in the webpage coming up as a result in a search engine query should it be ranked as related. An off-page SEO is when another site links back to yours, thereby giving credit to the validity of your site. This becomes particularly valuable if the site linking back to yours is well known, and it will push your site up in the search results.

SEOs tend to bring in customers that are looking more specifically for what you are offering. At the end of the day, SEOs follow the most basic concept of marketing - getting to the right person, at the right time.


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