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Dubai Desert Safarii Case Study

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Mr Ali is the owner of Dubai Desert Safarii which offers desert safari tours in Dubai. They offer a number of different safari experiences, including evening safaris, morning and early morning safaris and overnight safaris. They also offer city tours packages and cruise packages as well. They offer extremely competitive rates to their clients and hire English speaking drivers and guides for their clients. They have more than 10,000 active tourists each month which come from places such as the UAE, USA, UK and France.

The Brief

We were approached by Mr Ali in November 2017 with reference to making a brand new website. He wanted a website that would rank higher in the search engines but also a website that would be incredibly user friendly for his potential clients. He also wanted to have full control of his website and the ability to make changes through an easy to use content management system. He wanted us to push the SEO, Social Media Marketing and to help him with the creation of the content on the website as well. He also wanted our help to get on deal based websites like Groupon.

Our Approach

The website brief was easy to understand and we put together a nice modern design that the client liked. We made a decision to make the website in WordPress so the client could make any desired changes to the website and that we could set up all the SEO plugins for him. We assisted him with the content as well. The client bought the domain name and hosting account and once we had this, we made the website live for him. Once the website was live, we assisted him with the SEO and Social Media Marketing for the website. The idea was to get his website rank well in both the UAE and the USA, and to generate a sizeable amount of good relevant traffic that would turn into enquiries.

The Result

This campaign had some fantastic results. The website ranks for 806 organic keyphrases and has seen a massive surge in traffic over the last few months. Traffic is on a constant increase and we are seeing month on month increases in organic traffic. We have also managed to build him over 7,000 high quality backlinks too. We also managed to help him to get onto Groupon which changed his whole business model overnight!