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Simple steps for attractive content

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Simple steps for attractive content

How to gain the reputation of an author worth reading, attract the audience and receive thousands of views on the Internet and social nets?

You may think it is easy.

At the first glance, it might seem so. But the process is very long and hard-working.

You need high dedication, marketing skills, understand the target market. Then, you will produce a sensible text and keep your followers for many months and even years.

How to start? You should understand the main message and work out a strategy.

Let's look at the 6 steps to making content.

  • Choose a theme and approach
  • Explore
  • Write
  • Structuring
  • Take a break
  • Edit


Choose a theme and approach

What to think of before writing content?

First, it needs to solve a particular problem and be interesting.

Next, it should work for achieving your goals. It's important to have a calendar with the aims, topics, and keywords. This will help you go the right way and not lose concentration.

So, try to look at the topic from a different angle and speak the same language with the audience. It is important to write a plan of what you want to say. The topic and keywords written in advance will lead you the right way.

So, you have a general plan and a broad topic. Now, you need to focus on the main point. Think about the particular question you want to answer or the people's problem you want to solve.

Next, look for more information which expands your understanding of the selected issue.


News aggregators and Google Search come in handy here.

News aggregators help you track the flow of information. You can see which publications receive more responses from the audience. Also, you can open the resources needed. Search keywords on Google and find authoritative sources and their opinions on the subject. You can also understand the competition in a topic.

Look for additional information about your content:

  • Quotes
  • Statistics
  • Examples
  • Stories
  • Expert opinions

You need to check the facts and refer to the source. Copypaste is a poor indicator of your reputation in the market.

Do you want to have a large stock of interesting topics for future content? Then create a list of your themes, graphs, and other useful information. Keep it in one place so as not to lose anything.


Now we have a vision and knowledge of how to reveal it. Imagine being an inventor - you have no limits. But stay focused on your goal.

Start with the brainstorm and write everything coming to your mind. Don't waste trying to keep to a structure. You will create it in the next step. Now it's important to record the flow of your thoughts. If they get confused, it means you went too far. Remember the goal you are pursuing and review your plan again. This will help narrow your thoughts

Is there a specific standard for the volume of the text? Does it affect the popularity of a publication? As practice shows, the text should contain at least 1500 to 5000 words. It also depends on the channel where you will publish your post. Small texts are well-suited for social networks. Over 7,000 words articles are good for blogs and web sites with thematic content.

But the most important thing is to get the person behind the screen involved, to ease their pain.

So, you have already been writing your thoughts for a while, and your thoughts are over. Do not give up and go to the next step. A second breath will open while structuring the content.


It doesn't matter how long your article is. The basic structure should look like this:

  • Introduction and annotation
  • The main part. Expand the points you have stated in the introduction.
  • Completion. Summarize and conclude.
  • Call to action. Tell the reader what he needs to do next. For example, leave a comment, read the next article or another.

Continue working on the text within the framework of the created structure. Divide the text into parts and complete each of them with the details.

This method will help you improve the quality of your content.

Separate parts of the text with subtitles. Each of them should sound clear and convey the main idea in the next 200-500 words of your article.

Also add illustrations, graphics, quotes.

This will make your article more vibrant and simplify reading. This is especially true for large texts.

Take a break

So, your draft is ready, and you want to read it again and fix the errors. Don't do this right away. Your brain got tired and needs rest. You can save the document and leave it till the next day.


Now, with renewed energy, you can read the text and a new idea may come to your bright mind. Imagine that you read someone else's article. Do you like it?

Analyze your result whether it matches the following statements:

  • You said something new in your article.
  • A good deal of additional information supports the topic.
  • The text has enough information that confirms your concept.

Make sure that the story sounds consistent and logical.

Check annotation. Will the first sentence sound interesting? Reduce the annotation as much as possible. Articles with 40-100 characters introductions connect with the readers and receive more likes and reposts on social networks.

Check grammar and punctuation. Simplify the text, exclude complicated constructions.

Come up with a headline. It should be informative, but short and comprise 7-10 words.


Congratulations! Now you know more about creating content and can compete with major brands on the Internet and after completing these six steps several times, you can add special strength to your content. Be sure, the following generations of writers will quote you.


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