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How to implement LinkedIn SEO on your business page

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How to implement LinkedIn SEO on your business page

A professional-looking company profile on LinkedIn can bring you more clients, if not to create a great image for your business. Having a presentation page for your business on all social network is a must-have in the digital era. LinkedIn is a little bit different from the other networks, because it requires a professional approach. This means that you have to keep in mind that the user has different expectations from your LinkedIn profile, than on other social networks. With this in mind, you can create a SEO-friendly profile for LinkedIn, that will bring you more views. This is how to implement SEO on your LinkedIn page.

Find the appropriate keywords for LinkedIn

If you are looking for implementing SEO on your LinkedIn page, chances are you already know what are the keywords for your business are. Unfortunately, they won't help you as much as you think. LinkedIn is a social network, not a search engine. This means that the searches are shorter and more professional. For example, "the best copywrite" will become "copywrite". Shorter terms are the way to create your SEO strategy on LinkedIn.

A great way to find the appropriate keywords for your page is by searching the broadest term regarding your business. For our example, "marketing" is a better term than "copywrite". The results will vary, because LinkedIn shows results by the number of connections you have in common. But by using more SEO Keywords, your page will be shown in more searches.


Analyze the keywords others in you field use

There is nothing wrong in finding your inspiration on other pages in your field. It is the same as making a competitor analysis of your competitor's websites. Choose the highest ranking LinkedIn pages in your field and see what keywords they are using. Keep in mind that the search results on the platform are shown in the order on connections, so you might need to use more than one keyword to find the best matches for your niche.

Compare your SEO keywords list

If you already have a website, use the list of keywords you used for promoting it. Chances are some terms might overlap with the ones you need to add to your LinkedIn profile. If there are major differences, you might want to use the new keywords found on LinkedIn, in your online marketing strategy. This way you will cover a bigger area with specialized keywords.

On the other hand, you should also include SEO keywords that you are using to promote your site on the internet, in your LinkedIn profile. This way, your profile will rank higher in Google search results, which will bring more views on the page.

Creating a SEO - friendly LinkedIn profile or business page will bring you more views. As with every social network, you need to adapt your keywords for the platform, in order to boost your visibility. By using these steps, you can do that without any effort. And if you are overwhelmed with the new information and think that you can't find the right keywords or create a SEO strategy, you can always hire a marketing team to do that for you.


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