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Instagram Marketing Influencer

Your favorite Instagrammer is on Live. You scrambled as soon as the notification bell popped. Your trusted lifestyle idol is in her natural habitat with sparkling new products. She is so happy with the benefits that she can't stop promoting it. So many pictures are posted; thousands of Likes and comments, Amazing right! But it's not as simple as it looks. It's very similar to something that you may not have paid attention to. There is a hidden marketing ploy in action.

Commercials!! Your idea of the commercial has evolved since you moved away from the television. Now, it has adapted your habits and interests. It moved away from a separate entity and blended itself to the content you are watching. What better platform it could be other than Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the major platforms for marketers and sponsors. According to InfluencerDB, approximately 500,000 active influencers are operating just on Instagram. This is not just a number, the impact is huge. Imagine how many people are being followed and among them how many of them are idolized. This is an opportunity, an opportunity that sponsors to hook you up to boost their sales. Sponsors are using these Instagrammers to promote their products. Now the advertisement is not just only a 30-second ad, it has been connected with mango people.


Instagram marketing has broken all traditional approaches. Now there is an innovative way to advertise a product. Previously these advertisements were mostly abandoned. People used to change the channel until the ad was finished. Contrary, now people are watching this upgraded indirect version of the advertisement for hours.

A bunch of free products are sent out to these people to make a video to let people know the benefits of the products. With this new strategy, the sponsors can reach out to these people easily with minimized cost. People enjoy the video and get influenced. Having all the products in their closet is an ultimate goal. Just spend a few minutes and you are almost there! With all these new activities we people have been carried away.

You can call it unethical or a brilliant strategy, these are two sides of the same coin. By the way, don't make the mistake in thinking this is new. This strategy has been around since black and white movies turned into colours. However, the catch is the strategy has reached its completeness by the rise of social media like Instagram. It depends on the performer, how smartly he/she can hide the motive. Isn't that smart! Is it really good for us or we are driving ourselves to a materialistic world where having an expensive brand is all you need to define yourself? It depends on how you look at it. From the commercial point of view, we all are under this same spell since the concept of marketing brewed. The end goal is to attract more fish and bring more money for both. Partially, it is advantageous for some people who can earn money from home by making promotional videos. Some work for free products, some charge a high amount from their sponsors that one can imagine. Even a full-time employee can not earn that much. More and more people are joining this business of course. It is quite a win-win situation.

There is a dark side too- mostly teenagers follow these influencers so blindly that, they forget to maintain their own identity. They follow them blindly and make themselves their icon. Some are going for surgeries to get a perfect nose or lips. These extreme marketers can go to any level to raise their sales volume without considering what is right or wrong. Huge families are having problems because of not fulfilling their demands. It's not only an obsession, but it is also a sickness.

Now everything is so handy, every single person can peep through easily what is happening out there, even how the celebrities are leading their life.

The overall life standard is falling below. The quality is missing at some point. Though it's a need for current digital marketing, there should be some clarity from content producers.


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