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Making content creation last long-term with generalist marketers

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Making content creation last long-term with generalist marketers

Modern marketing brings forth the need to have content created in a way that is tailored, speaks enough about the brand, and is graphically and contextually appealing to the reader. While following these benchmarks, great content can be created, but that content is sometimes only as good as the deep understanding of the marketer in the area that is being showcased.

Marketers are so talented, that it is without a doubt possible to create great content with only basic knowledge of the relevant subject matter, but while the created content might look great, does it continually build up the desired image and reputation of the client?

What is essential, a marketing generalist? A marketing generalists has a broad base of marketing tools at their disposal, for example, creative skills such as writing, email marketing, tech skills, including basic programming and analysis including different marketing skills including email marketing, as well as organizational skills. These marketing generalist are essentially a sort of Jack of all trades in a given marketing team, and a sort general worker on the team, or a sort of fill-in for any specific job that the team needs to do, that a marketing specialist simply might not have the toolset for. What a marketing generalist essentially means is a marketer with many different skills of how the content can be created.


Marketers with broad general knowledge, not so much a marketing generalist, who can perform many facets of the business with great efficiency, but a marketer with vast general knowledge, or at least moderate knowledge of the relevant subject topic can be a great asset to making content last. Such marketers with great general knowledge or at least a moderate level of relevant knowledge, can certainly further a brand. This generalist focus on the what instead of the how, about content creation. For starters, their knowledge of the subject matter will be greater than our, now commonplace, marketing specialists, or marketing technologists. They should be able to have an insight that is greater and should hence result in a greater understanding of the subject matter. Their knowledge should bring forth insight into the given brand or product, how the product fits in the marketplace, and most importantly, what the actual meaning of a certain product is for the users. This, deeper connection, aims to create content that will hopefully further the long-term image and reputation of the brand of product, while not neglecting the actual short-term, or factual, aims of the campaign or content.

It is increasingly common for people to get more and more specialized in a certain job or career, as opposed to having a great array of general skills. The job marketplace certainly pushes forth in that specialization direction. In opposition, there is immense value in generalists, in our case marketing generalists, as well as the marketers with broad general subject matter knowledge. Theirs is a unique view of content creation, and they can certainly contribute in a novel, more permanent manner.


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