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What We Are About

Genie Crawl is all about results. As a boutique Digital Marketing Agency, what we do isn't just tech. Its digital craftsmanship designed with your business needs in mind. Our small but dedicated team works synergistically to bring out the best in some of the industry's most talented and creative individuals.

With more than five years' experience in the industry, we've been around long enough to understand exactly what we're doing, without the burden of hanging onto antiquated and outdated methods and software. Our portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing some of the UK's top grossing sites and the ultimate in form and function on the web.

We offer results. But we also know you don't want to be tied down to a contract that you're not sure is going to fly, or that you're going to regret three months down the line. We want you to be completely comfortable using our services, never worrying about what might come around the corner. That's why we work on a month-to-month basis and you never pay for more than you get.

We understand that not every business has a hidden fortune to spend on digital marketing, even if it does offer a superb return on investment. That's why we've crafted a range of affordable pricing plans to suit all budgets. No matter which plan you choose, you can be assured you'll be getting digital marketing input from the industry's best.


Our Personal Service

We take every project personally, whether you're bootstrapping or taking your established company to the next level. That's why with Genie Crawl, you can be assured of personal attention and customer service like you've never had before. We care about your business as much as you do and we understand that our business is about making your business better.

With strict regulations now controlling what can and can't be done on the internet, we are 100% honest and ethical in everything we do. We've integrated the General Data Protection Regulation requirements into all our systems, so you'll never be caught by surprise or have to fear a regulator knocking on your office door.

Just like you, we want an internet that works for everyone, and that's an internet that we all can trust. We take pride in building and executing digital marketing strategies that are above board and a reflection of not only our integrity, but yours too. In an age where brand values mean more to your customers than your logo on every web page, it's an investment you want to make.

The internet is a global phenomenon that defies geographical boundaries. With a solid footing in the UK, our team of young professionals reaches beyond borders when that's what our business - or yours - requires. The ability to be flexible while retaining our homegrown identity is a key feature of our boutique offering.

Being a UK-based business has distinct advantages for you, not least the ability to communicate easily and effectively with the people at the coalface of your digital presence. We understand the UK market and what makes it tick online and offline, giving you the edge over competitors who may be negotiating the ups and downs of foreign digital marketing contracts.