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Development Services

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Development Services

At Genie Crawl we provide our clients with four main web development services to meet each clients unique online marketing needs. Our development services include:

  • Website design and development
  • Application development
  • Website support and maintenance services
  • UX and UI development

With more than five years of digital marketing experience and a small and dedicated team of website development specialists, we provide our clients with affordable and high quality development solutions that you can trust. We are very results driven, focusing on ensuring you always achieve the best end result when it comes to your unique development needs.

We are passionate in bringing honest and ethical techniques to the table to ensure our clients build a credible reputation online, generating more leads, driving more traffic to their website and enjoying higher conversion rates.


Our Development Services in More Detail

At Genie Crawl we can provide you with professional website design and development services, fantastic application development solutions, website support and maintenance services along with UX and UI development opportunities.

Our Website Design and Development services includes:

  • WooCommerce Development - WooCommerce has more than three million active shops. Dating back to 2011 this is an effective and popular WordPress plugin offering an easy back door, enabling you to update your cart with ease and confidence.
  • Open Source Development - We offer a complete development service when it comes to open source development, so you can have a relevant and professionally designed website to appeal to your audience moving forward.
  • WordPress Development - WordPress has become the most popular choice for websites around the world, since its introduction in 2014. WordPress runs 33% of the internet with millions of themes and easy access for updating.
  • Open Cart Development - We provide our open cart development services to clients who are looking for an effective and easy to manage shopping cart online. Open cart is an open source shopping cart with more than thirteen thousand modules and themes. The ease of use is what makes this one of the top choices.
  • Magento Development - Our developers specialise in Magento, a popular ecommerce platform that is user friendly and exceptionally versatile. We are pleased to be able to provide our clients with this development solution with effective inventory tracking to help users identify their ROI with ease and confidence.
  • Joomla Development - Joomla is another of the top website design platforms that we use to create mobile ready and user friendly websites that are relevant for our clients industry and will appeal to their audience. Contact our team today to find out more.
  • Ecommerce Development - A professional ecommerce website can provide companies with the great opportunity to sell their products online, opening up their business to clients throughout the world, helping to generate online sales.

In addition to our website design and development services, we provide application development solutions for our clients who want to embrace mobile technology. Mobile technology has grown in leaps and bounds and we are able to help clients stay in touch with their audience with Android and IOS applications.

We provide high quality UX and UI development services. These are two separate elements that work together. UX focuses on user experience, while UI focuses on the user interlace. We bring these together to provide a powerful service you can rely on and trust.

Our team of specialists are also on hand to provide web support and maintenance services. Call us today to find out more.