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Facebook Advertisement

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Advertising on Facebook - An Effective Way to Reach Your Target Audience

Facebook provides the convenience of display adverts, which enables companies to target their specific audience with ease based on personal interests and geographical location. Facebook is the largest social network that has over a billion users from around the world.

When the platform was first launched, it was targeted towards college students. Today it has grown into the biggest social media platform with users ranging from the age of 13 and up. The 65 year old and older group is the less active on social media.

Social media marketing is a growing industry, but it offers established advertising methods to reach an audience effectively. While most companies are only embracing Facebook advertising now, this social media site has been offering advertising since 2004, though back in those days the ad units were unsophisticated designs.

Facebook advertisement services are very similar to PPC (pay per click adverts). All ads are paid for on a per click basis with a number of suggested bid rates to set an advertising budget with confidence. Facebook offers the benefit of having gathered precise knowledge over the years about their users based on their clicks and uses within the platform. This ensures that your advert will reach the right audience quickly to ensure the best end results.


Useful Facts on Facebook Advertising

Our expert marketing team at Genie Crawl has extensive experience working with Facebook advertisements to ensure our clients receive the quality solutions they need to reach their audience, drive more traffic to their website and help them increase conversion rates.

There are over two million advertisers actively advertising on Facebook at any time. We ensure your advertisements are competitive and consistent with high quality content that will appeal to your audience and rise to the top of results.

With more than seven hundred million of Facebook users accessing the platform each day are using a mobile device, we will ensure that your adverts direct mobile users to a mobile friendly website. Our development team can assist you with an affordable solution to appeal to your mobile audience at all times.

The mobile industry is constantly growing and approximately 66% of all Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile users. Let us assist you with your mobile SEO campaign to ensure you reach a wider audience moving forward.

It's a fact that companies that are focused on their social media campaign will receive more than three times the interaction than brands that are not as devoted to their social media campaign.

75% of a Facebook posts engagement takes place in the first five hours. We ensure your adverts stand out, meeting high standards to appeal to your audience and help increase awareness of your brand on social media.

Backed by more than five years of industry experience and a proven track record for our high quality and affordable services, give us a call today and let us assist you with your Facebook Advertising services right away.