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Google Ads is a paid service that allows you to insert ads at the top of search pages, even before the usual search results, and even within YouTube videos, apps, and websites.

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The UK has the third largest ecommerce market in the world. With a value of over 500 billion, accounting for around 20% of total business turnover in the UK, and the highest online shopping penetration in Europe, the industry is alive and kicking. It's also highly competitive with just a few sites out of every hundred making their mark effectively.

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Entering eCommerce

February 04, 2019 in e-commerce

The local ecommerce industry is huge, but it is also highly competitive and generally entered with great expectations. Beguiled by slick advertising and success stories, few ecommerce entrepreneurs have a clear idea of what they're getting themselves into. Some will stay the distance, but many will fall by the wayside, wondering what went wrong when the idea was so good.

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