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Dentist Reputation Management

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Dentist Reputation Management

Dentists are finding that they are struggling to secure patients due to reviews and negative content online. Years ago patients would complete a comment card rating their experience, today anyone with access to the internet can leave a review, using independent review sites, which could have a devastating impact on the practice.

If you haven't paid close attention to the importance and impact of online reviews, now is your time to start. Poor reviews can negatively impact website traffic, patient satisfaction revels and the ability to secure new patients in your local area.

Word of mouth has been the most common marketing tool used by companies and dentists for decades. This is still the case, the only difference is now your patients can leave reviews, both good or bad, online for all to see, sharing their experiences with other patients or prospective patients.

When a potential patient searches online for a dental website, they are showcased a number of review sites, including Google + and Yelp in the search results. These are often in the top five and therefore the patient is going to take note. Both these sites offer a star rating out of five, which displays clearly in the search result, so prospective patients can make an assumption on the practice before clicking on the site to find out more. This means you could be losing patients from their initial search, resulting in them using one of your competitors, as a result.


Turn the Negative into Positive to Achieve the Best Results

Prospective patients are more likely to use a practise that has positive reviews. 73% of online users advise that they trust a provider based on their positive reviews. 68% of users trust the reviews they find online. This means you cannot afford any negatively online if you want to build your practice in your local area.

The fact is that if you have a low star rating on the review sites, you are going to struggle to generate any new foot traffic. If you have between 3.5 stars and five stars, it will be considerably easier to generate new leads. Patients want to ensure that they receive the best oral health services and are going to focus on reviews to ensure that they choose the best dental professionals. This means that you want to embrace dentist reputation management services provided by our specialist team to identify the negative reviews you have online and boost them with positive ones, to help you regain patients trust.

You must remember that online reviews will also impact your SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign. Search engines also look at reviews as they want to provide their own users with an enjoyable and accurate search experience. Positive reviews will help you increase your ranking, while negative reviews could have the opposite effect. Online Reputation management services is the fastest and most effective method to remove unwanted bad publicity and replace it with the positive.