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Ever Wondered How Much Traffic Each Position on Page 1 of Google Gets?


Every Ranking Position Matters on Page 1 of Google

Getting a Page 1 ranking in Google is relatively easy as long as you are working together with a reputable SEO agency. However the real battle is getting a top ranking on Page 1. Having a Top position on Page 1 can get you a whopping 33.35% of the traffic, then it drops around half for the 2nd position getting just 16.96% and goes all the way down to 2.71% for a 10th position. Whilst it may not be a big surprise that a higher position gets more traffic, the scale of the drop is drastic and it shows the importance of getting Top 3 ranking positions in Google. Therefore if you are in Position 2 in Google, it would be more sensible to invest into a campaign trying to get that key phrase to the Top position in Google as opposed to working with a keyword outside the Top 100 and getting that to a low position on Page 1. Another interesting fact is that the Number 1 Position spot in Google is pretty much the same as Positions 2, 3 and 4 all combined.

As you probably know, when searching for a product or service online, no-one really looks past Page 1 of Google. A jump from the bottom of Page 1, so Position 10 in Google to Position 11 (top of Page 2) has the biggest loss in traffic of 143%. The fact being that most people simply do not go to Page 2 of Google. Most people trust the organic, natural listings and in excess of 60% of people will simply click on one of the Top 3 listings. Therefore, if you are not there, you are losing business everyday. At Genie Crawl, we have years of experience achieving Top page rankings for our clients. All the work we do is 100% ethical and within Google’s quality guidelines. We work with our clients to establish the best keywords for their business with good search volumes and we work closely with you to get those Page 1 rankings.