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Link Building Services

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Why You Need Link Building Services

Link building is a detailed process that we provide to acquire links from other websites directing traffic to your own site. Links (hyperlinks) are used by users to navigate on the internet or even between pages within your website. While they are useful to users, they are also used by the top search engines, helping them identity the pages they need to crawl. This is not an easy process and link building is believed to be the hardest of all the SEO techniques.

Our expert SEO team provide manual link building services, ensuring you always have the highest quality links directing to your page, helping to boost your reputation visibility and conversion rates moving forward.

Link building is an effective SEO (search engine optimisation) technique which encourages the search engine to use the link to be directed to the page it needs to crawl. Search engines use links to discover new webs pages and to determine the ranking of the web page.

Search engines crawl web page and then extract the content, which is added to indexes. This is how they identify if the quality of the content is high and they will rank based on relevant keywords. During this process, the search engine doesn't focus on the keywords but rather the number of links directing to the page from external sources, they also take the reputation of the external sources into consideration. The higher the quality of the external source, the better your site will rank.


Links as a Ranking Factor

Genie Crawl is passionate in helping our clients achieve online success through a range of quality services, one of which is manual link building. Google started to dominate the search engine industry back in the 1990's through link ranking factors, when one of the founders invented PageRank. This is what Google used to identify the quality of each page based on the links pointing to it. Back then a link was considered a vote of confidence in the page, automatically making it an authoritative figure in its industry.

Due to many manipulating the PageRank system, Google introduced numerous updates to filter out website that pushed the boundaries when it comes to effective backlink building techniques. This resulted in the backlink building techniques Google was previously using was now being penalised. Overuse of these techniques can result in you losing your ranking based on a manual penalty.

The small and dedicated team at Genie Crawl brings more than five years of industry knowledge and experience to the table to provide our clients with effective backlink building services you can trust. Our manual backlink building services ensures credible links from reputable sources, which helps build your trust within your industry and improve your search engine ranking.

We focus on the quality of backlinks and the relevance of the links. We eliminate any broken or poor quality links which could potential hamper your SEO success, while ensuring your audience can navigate to your website with ease and confidence.