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Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

We thrive on getting our clients the results they need. Often, this means thinking outside of the box, pushing our limits and going beyond the call of duty. To us, happy clients are all in a day's work and nothing brings us more pleasure than the successful completion of a project and the results to prove it. Our clients have plenty to say about how we have helped change their businesses for the better.

"I had just started an online shop and had the frustrating problem of high traffic and no sales. I was going crazy with it and running out of capital fast. I went to Genie Crawl almost in tears. I was really pleased I didn't have to sign a contract, but what was better was how great the team was at turning my results around. It took a load off my shoulders and I'm finally getting sales in!"
Gina Robertson, West Sussex

"I went to Genie Crawl for help with SEO on my business site. I just wasn't ranking. The team changed that for me and I'm so happy with the results. The service was excellent, and I was never left in the dark. Highly recommend!"
Michael Johns, Middlesex

"I had an issue with Google Ads not working and I was spending so much money for no returns. I was so frustrated so decided to go to Genie Crawl for help. They taught me a lot and I feel empowered now. But even better, I am now spending much less on advertising and getting much better results. Really a good decision and return on investment."
Sarah Sutton, Shropshire

"I had a bad experience before with digital marketing and my online reputation was shredded. I was going to close the site but went to Genie Crawl first but really thought it was all over. The team was so helpful and went the extra mile to sort out my issues and I'm pleased to say I'm back in business. I definitely recommend Genie Crawl."
Steven Joubert, Bedfordshire

"I wanted to expand my business online and needed a website made. I went to Genie Crawl because they offered a good package for what I needed. The online shop is amazing and is making sales already. I can't wait to move all my business online. Thanks guys! I really appreciate what you did for my business!"
Rita Berger, Bristol

"My dad opened a new business when he retired but his site was not coming up on search results so he wasn't getting any customers. He didn't know SEO so I asked Genie Crawl if they could do something. He didn't have to sign any contracts and it was affordable to have the problem fixed. I'm pleased to say that he is now getting customers and has a new lease on life."
Susan Jacobs, Berkshire

"I went to the guys at Genie Crawl because I had to find a way to advertise my site and get more customers. They were great and did Google Ads for me for much less than the contract other guys were offering. My site has more customers now and my business results have improved a lot. I definitely would recommend Genie Crawl even if you are just starting out."
Harry Stokes, Cambridge