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SEO Agency - Ranked Number 1 SEO Company In The UK

Genie Crawl is rated the Number 1 SEO Company with both Clutch and Manifest and is one of the highest rated companies for SEO, Website Design and Google Ads Management. Genie Crawl works with all types of different clients, ranging from smaller businesses to national corporations. We thrive in getting the best SEO results for our clients and our goal is to ensure we are getting the very best out of your online presence.

We understand that your website is your shop front, and you need visitors and you need sales to make it viable. As a leading UK SEO company, our job is to expand your online outreach and ensure you are connecting with the right customers. We have a number of years of experience and we believe in offering a personalised service to our clients. Unlike other companies, we never treat you as a number, and every single client gets that high level of personal service. Results mean nothing unless you have the service to match, and that's where we thrive as an SEO agency. Our job is to ensure you have the best level of service matched with the best results.

Digital Marketing is an organic field, always evolving in new directions and pushing the frontiers of what was known before. We keep at the leading edge of the game to best serve our clients, whatever their needs at the time and in the future.

Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can assist you at Genie Crawl. We are recognised by our peers at being the market leaders and we go out of our way to ensure you get the best possible results for our clients. Reach out to us for a free online quote and personalised proposal and you will see why we are highly rated as a leading SEO agency in the UK.


SEO And Marketing Results

Case Study 1

Ailing businesses don't often turn to Digital Marketing Specialists to rescue their going concern from going under, but that was the case with this locally-based pet service. Genie Crawl did an SEO audit and found plenty to work on. Tuning up the SEO on the homemade site was a challenge, but some clever tweaks and twists got tails wagging all round.

Staying on a couple more months saw the site and its turnover go from dog tired to the cat's whiskers. Thriving again, the pet passionate owners are branching out into new avenues made possible by the cat crazy team at Genie Crawl.

Case Study 2

Search engines get smarter by the day, but some people don't. An established online sales company was enticed by a great deal on SEO offering instant results. The project was cheap, and the results were indeed pretty much instant. That was until they crashed. It turned out bad backlink building, a black hat SEO deception, was behind the rise and fall of results and sales for this business.

Genie Crawl came to the rescue, diagnosing the problem and removing the bad backlinks using specialised tools, along with a good deal of hard graft. It was worth it to see the results. The now pristine site lost a bit of bad traffic, as expected, but with decent SEO in place, more fruitful traffic picked up. Over a matter of weeks, rankings were way up where they should be and so were sales.

Let us:

  • Take the frustration out of Google Ads by getting the Genies on the job.
  • Rock your Social Media presence with a Genie campaign that pulls no punches.
  • Expand your reach with an awesome App in iOS or Android.
  • Break a bad rap with a 360° Online Reputation Management strategy.