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Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

Genie Crawl brings high quality & affordable SEO services to meet your online marketing requirements, backed by more than five years of industry knowledge and experience. Our small and dedicated team of search engine marketing professionals in UK offer great customer service combined with honest and ethical services we know you can trust.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a service that focuses on improving the ranking of a company website in SERPs (search engine results pages). We focus on assisting clients in boosting their website visibility, traffic and ranking through effective targeted search terms for top search engines which includes Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engine optimisation is a methodology that uses techniques, strategies and tactics designed at improving website visitor numbers to any website, this is achieved through a high ranking in search results. Factors influencing your SEO results effective keyword research, on site optimisation, content creation, mobile friendly solutions and off-site optimisation, to name a few.

Essential SEO services includes:

  • Keyword research - Keywords or phrases are used by people searching the internet for products and services. Genie Crawl offers thorough keyword research, prioritising the terms most used by your audience to ensure the best end result.
  • On site optimisation - Our team of search engine optimisation experts focus on your website, optimising it to climb the ladder in search results, helping you reach a wider audience. On site optimisation includes optimising content, speeding up the loading of your web pages and ensuring easy on site navigation, so clients can find your products and services with ease.
  • Content creation - Content is vital in all aspects of SEO and our content creators ensure our clients promote professional, useful and relevant content that adds value to their visitor's experience. Content is often based on the keywords researched to ensure you reach your audience effectively.
  • Mobile friendly solutions - We understand the urgency for companies to promote mobile friendly websites to eliminate the risk of being penalised by the top search engines. Top search engines are favouring websites that have embraced mobile technology and target an audience that is searching using a small touch screen.
SEO Services in UK at Genie Crawl


Off site optimisation is just as important

While many companies focus on their own on site optimisation solutions, they don't pay close enough attention to their off site optimisation. Our search engine optimisation service providers in UK offer the best strategies needed to impact your site in search engine results away from your website.

Off site optimisation includes:

  • Link building Services - Our experienced team of marketing professionals provide manual link building services to ensure the best results. External links help to drive traffic to your website from off site sources, which includes other websites and blogs.
  • Social Media Marketing Services - Our small team of social media marketing experts use social media to support your SEO campaign, ensuring that you engage with your audience daily. Social media as part of your SEO campaign can help to build trust, improve customer service levels and increase your conversion rates. There are three billion social media users worldwide. This offers a great opportunity to reach a wider audience to achieve success in the long run.