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Lawyer Reputation Management

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Lawyer Reputation Management

Anyone searching for a lawyer online is looking to tick two important boxes. These include wanting to hire the services of a good lawyer and their location. The potential client will use the information they find online to determine which law firm to use. This is based on the search results and reviews and posts they find online.

Even if you don't use the internet much to market your firm, you will find that your past and present clients will take to the internet and leave reviews of your firm. They want to share their experiences with others, both the good and the bad. Negative PR can have a negative impact on securing new prospective clients. Bad reviews and reports can result in potential clients moving on to one of your competitions.

Chances are that a potential client has already used the top search engines to find out more about your firm before they call to book a consultation to discuss their case. 73% of online consumers will trust a company based on the reviews they read online, while 85% of consumers trust online reviews the same as they would trust a referral or recommendation from a family member or friend.

Taking these facts into consideration, it's important to place close attention to your online reputation as a lawyer at all times. Catching negativity early means you can counteract it just as quickly, helping to remove the negative and replace with positive. This can help to build trust and confidence, boosting your revenue moving forward.

Lawyer Reputation Management Services


What We Can Do for You

The small and experienced team of digital marketing specialists at Genie Crawl bring you more than five years of industry knowledge and experience with affordable services you can trust to remove negative content and help you build your reputation back up quickly and effectively.

The internet is constantly evolving. Anyone with access to the internet can leave a review or fill out a report online. This means that your reputation is constantly evolving as you receive more reviews. They are weighed up with bad against the good, which often results in you receiving a rating from one to five. Unfortunately, not all of these reviews are honest some even completely unethical.

We provide a range of reputation management services for lawyers to help improve your reputation online to generate more leads, boost conversion rates and increase revenue.

  • Press releases - Our press releases are submitted to top sites offering thoroughly researched and quality newsworthy reading. This helps search engines rank your firm.
  • Effective SEO strategies - The full range of SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies we provide ensures your brand is reflected in a positive light using honest and ethical techniques. With extensive keyword research, off page optimisation services and more, we build positive information about your brand that is honest and accurate.
  • Our content creators create new, exciting, informative and interesting content that is optimised for search engines, helping to boost your firm's visibility online.

Don't let negative content impact your law firm, call out specialist team today to find out more about our lawyer reputation management services.