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Magento Development Services

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Complete Magento Development Services

We provide our clients with a complete service when it comes to their unique Magento development service requirements. Magento was launched in 2008 and powers 1.2% of the internet and twelve percent of all ecommerce sites. Merchants who choose Magento tend to grow three times faster than those choosing another ecommerce solution.

Our experienced team of Magento SEO optimisation & development have extensive experience with Magento development, which enables us to make use of the full features, providing a complete Magento development service that you can rely on and trust.

We develop an effective website strategy using Magento with detailed architecture to product a reliable and effective ecommerce solution to ensure the best end results. Our experienced team of developers in UK focus extensively on user experience, offering a tailored solution based on your industry and audience. Our focus is to help you build a credible brand name with high conversion rates moving forward.

Genie Crawl will spend time focusing on your sites user interact. This is to ensure that your visitors find it easy to navigate around the site, without compromising visual appeal. We assist with theme development, web store design services, optimise the site for SEO and more. We will also assist you in setting up multiple stores, based on your unique online requirements.

We have extensive experience working with Magento and are confident in helping you migrate your site across with ease and efficiency. In addition to this, we also provide our clients with maintenance and support services to ensure their Magento development service needs are met at all times.


What We Focus on With Our Magento Development Services

The first thing we focus on is your site speed. Site speed plays such a vital role when it comes to your SEO campaign. Top search engines are looking to provide their users with an enjoyable user experience. Site speed falls into this category. Faster site speeds lead to improvements in search engine results.

With our good understanding of Magento ecommerce development we are able to provide a versatile and scalable solution based on each of our client's unique requirements. We assist with content creation, social media integration, product builders and more.

An ecommerce website on its own is not going to grow your brand, but incorporate a number of additional services and you will see an increased rise in traffic. We are passionate when it comes to customer engagement. We can assist with adding a live chat feature to your new ecommerce store or providing direct links to your social media pages.

Genie Crawl is passionate when it comes to security. In order to ensure you are seen as credible and reliable we provide a secure ecommerce solution where your clients can buy with confidence. An increase in security can also help you improve your ranking in search engine results. Reach your audience with confidence, keep them on your page for longer and boost your conversion rates with Magento ecommerce development services. Our team are standing by to assist you with your development needs today.