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With more than 2 billion active users on Facebook ready to interact and become involved in any interesting Facebook content that catches the attention of its user, a marketer can easily boost their product's visibility on this platform and reach their intended target audience in a short time.

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A professional-looking company profile on LinkedIn can bring you more clients, if not to create a great image for your business. Having a presentation page for your business on all social network is a must-have in the digital era. LinkedIn is a little bit different from the other networks, because it requires a professional approach.

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Social media marketing is a science, not an art. It may sound brutal but making assumptions as you go along can be fatal to your online presence and to your business. Fortunately, we have analytics. With the plethora of social media analytics tools and the wealth of data available to social media marketers, there is no need to play a guessing game at who your market is, or what they want, or where they live or what they eat for breakfast.

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If you're confused about your social media marketing strategy in the age of GDPR, data scandals and privacy laws and algorithm changes, we don't blame you. The social media terrain is always shifting and it's not uncommon to experience at least a little confusion and trepidation when it comes to exactly how your business will leverage it.

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