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Microsoft Ad Center

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What You Need to Know about Microsoft Ad Center

PPC (pay per click) advertising is an essential part of any internet marketing campaign. The Genie Crawl team of specialists in UK have extensive experience providing our clients with effective PPC solutions, including Microsoft Ad Center services. But what is Microsoft Ad Center?

Microsoft Ad Center was founded in 2006 in Washington. This ad center focuses on numerous areas of technology including audience intelligence, content, keywords, ad relevance and selection, video and interactive media and social networking.

Some of the algorithms of this Center use products including content ads, paid search and behavioural targeting, to name a few.

This Center focuses on Bing advertising. Most companies will use Google for their PPC campaigns, but Bing has a good user following where a single advert has the ability to show in more than one hundred and sixty billion searches, that's thirty percent of the total search engine share.

The Centers adverts offer a lower bid than you find with other option. A survey shows that Bing users spend more than twenty percent more than other web searches. There are comprehensive reporting tools which are used to monitor the success of your adverts and ensure you are constantly achieving the best results.

A reason you will want to make use of our Microsoft Ad Center services is that there are five hundred and 24 million unique Bing users who carry out more than five million searches a month. If you aren't making use of Microsoft Ad Center solutions, you could be losing out on reaching a large percentage of your targeted audience each day.


Why Microsoft Ad Center

Our team of experts specialising in Microsoft Ad Center will ensure all your adverts are targeted, so they display in your search area. The focus is to ensure your adverts appear at the top of search results, helping you reach a wider audience and achieve improved results.

We ensure we provide your potential customers with information regarding your business along with ad extensions and a call to action. Generating interest and encouraging them to click on the ad to increase your website traffic and improve your conversion ratings.

Genie Crawl will work to your set daily budget controlling it effectively to ensure we don't exceed your thresholds and stay within your marketing budget at all times. We will determine which adverts are performing at their best and increase their budgets, while reducing budgets on lower performing adverts, as a result you are assured to increase your website traffic in the long run.

With Microsoft Ad Center campaign management and PPC marketing you only pay when someone interested in products or services you sell clicks on the advert to find out more. This means you only pay for real leads. This also results in a higher conversion rate, which is when more visitors turn into customers.

We will save you valuable time an energy when it comes to your online marketing goals with Microsoft Ad Center. We help control your budget and bids for ads, your adverts and more while you focus on the daily operations of your business.

Our specialist services are tailored to your unique marketing requirements. Call us today to find out more.