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Easy Downloadz Case Study

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Imran is the owner of Easy Downloadz which is a gaming website. You can download all types of different games from this website and there are a number of different help articles and knowledge posts on advice on how to play the games and possible cheats as well. Most games have multiple different server locations that you can download the same game from. In addition to this the website offers Android based games as well as PC based games.

The Brief

We touched Imran in September 2018 and he explained to us that he wanted a simple website where he could review and add links to games that could be downloaded via his website. He wanted a very easy website where he could upload new posts with the latest games as well as give links to the games. Imran had used WordPress in the past and had some experience in using this, so he expressed an interest in having a WordPress website. He also wanted pages custom coded so he could upload links to different servers and that he could add multiple images and videos to different games.

Our Approach

This was a challenging project as the content had to be provided by Imran. Imran provided us with all the games he want to upload, together with the content, pictures, videos and the links. Once we had all this information, we built each page manually for him. We also built him a WordPress backend with some custom code so he could continue to add games in the future to his website. We also installed an SEO plugin for him so all future games and posts when uploaded would create SEO friendly pages and would rank well in the search engines. We also gave training to Imran on the importance of SEO and how to set all correct tags when uploading new games or new posts to his website.

The Result

The campaign went really well and currently the website has over 2,000 organic keyphrases ranking in Google. The client was very happy with the website design and it is what he wanted. He was also happy with our training and the fact that the website has started to rank for so many organic keyphrases. He continues to follow our advice when adding new games and posts which is the reason why his organic keyphrases keep increasing.