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Liza Diet Case Study

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Liza is a health nutritionist who came to us with the goal of creating her a website for weight loss. She specialises in working with clients who want to lose weight and most importantly keep off that weight loss. She offers training online and also in person. She also offers 24/7 moral support during your weight loss period and also helps with making changes to your everyday diet. She can also assist with cooking and can help you to change your eating habits and the exact foods that you eat on a daily basis.

The Brief

Liza came to us as a relatively unknown person in a large and saturated market. Liza had helped a lot of friends and family members in the past and had toyed with the idea of making a website for many years. She came to us with not a lot of ideas, so we had to organise a meeting to really understand what Liza was looking for. She felt most of her clients would want to meet her in person, and hence, she wanted to only really rank in the local listings so all within a 5 mile radius of where she was based. The brief was to design her a good looking, responsive website and then to help her to get this website ranked in all the major search engines.

Our Approach

Our approach was to do some research into the market and locate the biggest competitors. Based on this, we were able to put together a website that we felt fitted the niche market that she was aiming for. We created a modern looking website and helped her with the content and putting together the different packages and options she offered her clients. We also then helped her with the SEO as well. As she didn't drive at the time of the website being created, she asked us to focus on a 5 mile radius of where she was based and to really push her 3 key areas which were Barnet, Elstree and Borehamwood.

The Result

Liza now has a number of top rankings in Google and most importantly for her top target keyphrases. Her main keyphrase she wanted to rank for was "weight loss coach" and she wanted to rank for Elstree, Borehamwood and Barnet. She has all Page 1 rankings for these combinations plus a number of other combinations. She now gets several leads from her website and has successful helped a number of clients lose weight as a result of her website and the SEO that we have done for her.