Liza Jandolf Case Study


Liza Jandolf is a successful female video spokesperson based in the United Kingdom. She offers all kinds of different spokeperson videos where she can talk about your brand, product or website. She can wear a number of different outfits, change the background as per your liking and can add your logo and chosen text to her videos. She can make your website more professional and create a better user experience for your prospective clients.

The Brief

We were approached by Liza Jandolf with reference to building her a new website. She had worked with platforms such as Fiver and Five Squid but she found their fee of 20-25% was too expensive and she wanted to get customers directly to her website without having to pay huge referral fees. As a result, she asked us to build her a website and to market the website with good effective SEO.

Our Approach

Liza Jandolf wanted a pretty simple website that showed exactly what she did without over complicating it. She explained everything to us with the brief. She wanted a website that did what she wanted, but the main objective was to be ranking and to get a sizeable amount of organic traffic to her website that resulted in orders placed. She wanted the ability to take orders on her website and for clients to be able to enter the number of words they wanted and for the order value to be worked out in each instance.

The Result

Liza Jandolf is one of our biggest success stories. If you type in "Female Video Spokesperson" which is exactly what she is, she ranks in Position 1, from over 770,000,000 results. She ranks above the popular platform Fiverr as well. She also ranks for over 100 additional keyphrases and now she solely does all her business from her website. She gets a huge amount of organic traffic to her website and cannot believe the effects of SEO.

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