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Papa Johns is the third largest pizza delivery chain in the United States and has over 350 outlets in the UK and 5,000+ outlets worldwide in 40 international markets and territories. Papa Johns was founded in the USA in 1984 by "Papa" John Schnatter in the back of his father's tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They focus on attention to detail as well as quality and thrive themselves on delivering the best possible they can.

The Brief

We were recommended to the franchisee who currently owns 37 locations across the United Kingdom including areas such as London, Midlands and Five Countries. His version was to grow and expand his existing footfall. He wanted a marketing company that could assist with business cards, leaflet creation and marketing, boosting his delivery sales, radio and online marketing, newspaper marketing and any other funnels that would lead to an increase in his turnover across his stores. The pizza market is extremely competitive in the UK and worldwide so he was looking for cost effective ways to increase turnover.

Our Approach

Having spoken at length to the franchisee, and having had several meetings with him, we understood that increasing the turnover was crucial to our long term partnership. He was keen for us to think outside the box and to give him all possible ideas to explore. He was not afraid to spend money, but he was still mindful of spending it in the right places. Our strategy was to drive and boost the delivery side of the business and to use offline marketing techniques to gain new customers as well as getting repeat, loyal customers to his locations. Our plan was to work on each location and to work with the franchisee to ensure that more customers were coming to each location and that turnover was increasing by more than what he was spending with us.

The Result

Across the 37 locations, we were able to boost his turnover as a result of our efforts, and to generate new customers who had been loyal customers of other pizza chains such as Dominos and Pizza Hut. In addition to the new customers, we were also able to maintain existing customers through a loyalty scheme and marketing offers via email as well as SMS. The franchisee was delighted with the performance of the campaign and we are still working with the franchisee today.