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Vector Profi Case Study

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Vector Profi is a family owned roofing business in Ukraine. The business has been operating for a number of years with a loyal custom base. They specialise in all types of roofs or facades. The company has over 14 years of experience and they offer metal roofing and corrugated flooring, imitating wood, brick, stone and other natural materials all at extremely affordable low prices. They also offer polycarbonate and plastic sheets at wholesale prices which are made in Israel, England and Germany.

The Brief

When we spoke to Vector Profi, it was a slightly challenging project as the website is a Ukrainian website and none of our team speaks Ukrainian. As the client was referred to us, we were keen to make it work. The team at Vector Profi wanted to redevelop the existing website, and make several changes to the overall structure of the website. Essentially they had a website which they could not edit at all and they were dependent on a developer to make such changes. They hired Genie Crawl to come on board so they could edit all the areas of the website themselves without having to hire someone in every instance where a change was needed. In addition to this, they wanted a pricing and quote programme to be created so they could pitch for jobs and automate the process.

Our Approach

Essentially the whole website needed stripping back. As the website ranked well in the Ukraine, we did not want to dramatically alter the website and lose these rankings. The client was very clear about this and the main goal was not to change the design, but instead allow the client the ability to edit all parts of the existing website. We worked through each area one by one creating a custom content management system where they could change the content, make simple SEO changes such as the meta title tag, meta description and upload or change any pictures. We also create several custom requests as changing the URL structure and the ability to redirect old URLs to the new URLs using a 301.

The Result

The team was very happy with the functionality that we created. They have already started making changes, and this is for the first time in many years. They are so content and happy with the website, and they have already started adding new products, refreshing old and dated images and updating the text across a lot of the product pages. The entire website can be edited by their team. The quote and pricing software has also saved hours for their team in that they can put together a quote in under 10 minutes. Before this process was taking them over 1 hour per quote.