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Get Started with Interactive Marketing

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Get Started with Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is not necessarily a new thing - some forms have been around for 20 or more years - but its use is increasing exponentially and fast becoming expected. Interactive marketing might seem like a complicated and expensive way to get exposure for your brand, but with the evolution of technology and interactive marketing tools, it is now more accessible than ever.

For those of us who struggle to understand the very complex technical definition of interactive marketing, some examples can be helpful in getting the creative juices flowing. Competitions, quizzes, polls, calculators, email remarketing and auto-responders, videos, GIFs and images are all tools that can be used to build an impressive interactive marketing repertoire for your brand.

Competitions are possibly the most long-standing and ubiquitous form of interactive marketing in online and offline environments. While competitions have stood the test of time, there are a few tweaks in the age of interactive marketing. For one, they need to be part of a larger strategy that aligns with the brand's image, values and objectives. Secondly, they need to be hyper relevant.

One contest, for a health plan brand, ran a 'get active' challenge that was open to members and non-members alike, with the challenges and prizes being aligned with the brand offering. The brand cemented itself as the leader in promoting healthy living with incentives the target audience couldn't resist. Along with increased brand awareness, the campaign netted a great conversion ratio.


Quizzes have always been popular. Online, they're a runaway success. Statistics show that in 2015, quizzes were the most shared social media posts in 2015, and many go viral. Quizzes allow hyper relevancy to the target audience and at the same time, gather valuable data for further campaigns. Throw in some fun, an element of surprise and shareable results and you've got a winning campaign.

Like quizzes, polls engage users with immediate results that allow them to compare their opinion with the opinions of others. Polls are generally quick to complete with instant feedback and offer up valuable user data for future use. The type and topic of your poll will determine the audience it attracts, so plan carefully to make them hyper relevant to your target market for data gold.

There's nothing like tangible numbers to attract attention - that is, if they're highly relevant. Calculators are a consumer magnet. They're engaging, interactive, immediate and solve problems. An investment company might offer a pay-out calculator for an annuity, or a weight loss site might offer a calculator to determine daily caloric expenditure with various options to choose from.

Calculators can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be. They can also be integrated with quizzes and competitions or be a means to determine eligibility of users to become customers. A calculator that says a user can afford a loan of a certain amount is likely to increase the probability of the user becoming a customer, while offering the business valuable data on site visitors.

In real estate, VR is becoming a popular interactive tool. By offering a virtual tour and 3D experience of a particular property, the likelihood of attracting the right buyer for a property is increased. Virtual tours work by leveraging the curiosity factor to engage potential customers, allowing an impression and connection to develop that brings in the right buyer at a better price.

Interactive marketing is a virtual playground for marketers and users alike. It's fun, immediate, engaging, entertaining and often inspiring. Commitment happens faster, impressions are stronger and conversions increase, all without massive advertising expenditure. Adopting interactive marketing, if you haven't already, is an essential in the contemporary online attention market.


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