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Repurposing content for maximum views

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Repurposing content for maximum views

When promoting your business through content marketing, one of the most expensive components comes from the labor of actually generating the content. Therefore, you want that precious content to reach as wide an audience as possible. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by repurposing that content into different formats and then sharing it on several platforms.

For example, if you run a blog that focuses on DIY gardening and lawn care, you might write an article explaining how to create homemade fertilizer. If that article performs well, then instead of it being a one-and-done piece of content that's never revisited, you can borrow information from that piece and breathe life into it, weeks or months later.

In 2019, YouTube was one of the most-visited websites on the entire internet. If you were to take the information from your homemade fertilizer article and put it into a video, you've doubled your amount of content and put your work onto an entirely new platform. You've already done the hard part of gathering the information and synthesizing it into a coherent piece-now you just have to change the medium. You can put a link to your article in the description of the video, directing more people to your site.

Additionally, you can go back to your original article and embed the video at the top of the page. This will increase the likelihood of it appearing higher in Google search results, as well as the length of time a reader stays on the page.


Another very efficient way to repurpose content comes in the form of a pillar page, which is a central collection of information on a topic, with links to other resources containing more detail. If we continue with the DIY gardening example, you might create a pillar page that focuses on organic soil solutions. The extensive piece could have modules focusing on sourcing your soil, natural pesticides, and of course homemade fertilizer.

For the several paragraphs that you spend talking about homemade fertilizer, you could pull all of your information from your previous piece. You would include a link on the pillar page that directs readers to your entire article on homemade fertilizer. You could even go back to the original article and link it back to the pillar page. Those internal links are excelling for boosting SEO and help to keep readers on your site longer.

A final example of repurposed content could be in the form of a guest post on a partner website. If your readers have already consumed your piece, an effective way to extend that audience could be a partnership with a blog that isn't in direct competition with you. You would not want to plagiarize yourself or regurgitate the exact same piece. Instead, you could pull from several of your own articles and make a fresh post that your partner's readers would be interested in.

Typically, guest posts on websites include a short author biography somewhere on the page. This is your chance to sell your site to this new audience, and even link them directly to your front page. If you're able to get that partner site to include an external link to your page, that also has a positive impact on your SEO.

In short, don't be afraid to reuse your successful content to lighten your workload while attracting more viewers. You have to be careful to not be redundant, but you can extend the life of your work to weeks or months beyond its original posting date.


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