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Website content, three keys to success

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Website content, three keys to success

The content of your website is the soul of your site, the most effective way to get through to your clients. The chance to transmit your message in the way you want to obtain the results you expect. It may seem simple, just write a bunch of words and that should work, but it is indeed a difficult task and one of the keys to success.

What type of content should your site include? Of course, this will depend on the type of website you are running, but there are a few steps you should always take into consideration before you start writing.


This is probably the most important step in this process and the time in which you must sit down and take your time. What is the aim of the content? What do you want to transmit and what is the return you expect? However, you should be careful not to mix the purpose of the content with an overall objective, especially when we are talking about an online store. In this case, the aim of the content must be to persuade your users that the object you are selling is interesting or useful, but the aim of the content is not to gain money. If you are trying to reach a young public, then your aim must be to adapt your language in a way in which they find it attractive.


Is the content relevant?

As you will have probably noticed, the internet has become a sort of jungle with thousands and thousands of sites and blogs. Does your content shine above them all? If you want to run a sports blog about your favorite football team, will the content be relevant and appealing for your potential users? Sometimes, being too generic with your theme is a major problem that is difficult to solve in the long term. You must be sure that your content is unique, special and worth spending a few minutes reading. It may seem so for you, but will your users think the same?


It is well known that the average user will not spend more than a few seconds reading any type of content unless you can catch their attention straight away. Your content, other than have an aim and be relevant, must be entertaining form start to end. Your user will have probably read something similar in another site so you must be able to write appealingly. Try to be passionate, if you can transmit your passion the results can be amazing. If you can entertain while informing about something, the chances that users start interacting are much higher.

Aim, relevance, and entertainment are three steps you should always consider before you start writing your content. It doesn't guarantee success, but it can make a difference. Your content must stand out between all the sites and blogs out there. Good knowledge of SEO or SEM is a major thing, but if you aren't an expert don't panic. What you write and most importantly how you write it is at least as important. Why do we want to attract traffic to our site if the users don't find our content interesting?


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